Posted on Jul 25, 2019

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Whether you have been assigned the task by your company to host a seminar or expo, you’re in charge of your best friends bridal shower, or you are throwing the poshest gala of the year, the key to a successful event is having a written plan with all the details.

Where To Start On Your Event Planning
The first step is to decide on dates that work for the event. The next step is to find the location where the event will be held. Once these two pieces are in place, the real planning can begin. There are many pieces to any event including catering, entertainment, audio/video set up, seating, parking, equipment rental, centerpieces, decorations, and more. If you enjoy doing the planning and have the time, you are capable of pulling off a great event. If you don’t have time or desire, hiring an event planner may be your very next step.

Event planners have the expertise and the contacts to line up the event of your dreams. When you meet with your event planner, they will ask questions to find out your objective, your style, your budget, and all the details you want to be included. From there they go to work and will generally set up additional meetings to have you sample food if needed, review color schemes, and listen to demo recordings for bands or entertainers when necessary.

If you don’t use an event planner, you may want to assemble a team and begin to assign tasks........
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